Film Testing Equipments

Analytical Balance

Complies GLP/GMP.
Dye cast aluminum design for long term stability & accurate results.
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COF Tester

Dart Impact Tester

As per ASTM – D1709 and IS 2508
To test the impact resistance of the film by free falling darts.
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Density Tester

Heat Seal Tester

Electro-mechanical integration of control system.
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Hot Air Oven

Hot Air Oven is laboratory purpose oven used for multiple test application for plastics like shrinkage, reversion, moisture content and lateral E.S.C.R. test at different temperatures.
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Humidity Chamber

As per ASTM, ISO & IS standards
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Opacity Tester

As per IS 4985; IS 12235 Part-3 and other recognized standards. Suitable for amendment No.1 IS 12235 (Part 3): 2004
Reference Standard: IS, ISO & ASTM
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Sealing Machine

Mechanical-electrical integration of control system.
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Tearing Strength Tester

As per ASTM standards is suitable for most fabrics including woven, layered blankets, napped pile, blanket, and air bag fabrics.
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Tensile Machine

Universal Testing Machine

Tensile and Elongation as per ASTM – D638/ASTM – D882/ISO 527
Flexural as per ASTM – D790/ ISO 178
Compression as per ASTM – D695
Reference Standards: ASTM, ISO, IS Enquire Now

VSP Tester