Polymer Testing Equipments

We are extremely involved in providing an comprehensive range of Industrial Polymer Testing Equipment to our prestigious clients. Polymer test equipment is used to test material properties such as adsorption, desorption, aeration, foamability, cloud point (CP), compressibility, heat deflection temperature (HDT), and Vicat softening point.

Analytical Balances

Analytical Balances
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Carbon Black Content Apparatus

As per ASTM D 1603, IS 4984 and IS 2530
Reference Standards: ASTM & IS.
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Carbon Black Dispersion Tester

COF Tester

Compression Tester

Compression Tester is used to test Compression Load/Staging Load/Ring Stifness Test/Ring Flexibility Test/Creep Ratio considering multiple national/international standards..also as per IS1 16205 Part-1 and Part-24 specificly for DWC pipes.
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Density Tester

ESCR Apparutus

As per ASTM D1693
Reference Standards: ASTM, ISO, IS
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Hot Air Oven

Hot Air Oven is laboratory purpose oven used for multiple test application for plastics like shrinkage, reversion, moisture content and lateral E.S.C.R. test at different temperatures.
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Humidity Chamber

As per ASTM, ISO & IS standards
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Izod Charpy Impact Tester

Melt Flow Index Tester

Moisture Analyser

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Motorized Notch Cutter

Muffle Furnace

Oxidation Induction Tester

As per ISO 11357 & ASTM 3895 DSC Based
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Sample Cuttig Press

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Sand Abrasion Tester

As per ASTM/ ISO15527/IS standards
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Sheet Molding Press

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Tensile Machine

UTM Machine

Tensile and Elongation as per ASTM – D638/ASTM – D882/ISO 527. Flexural as per ASTM – D790/ ISO 178. Compression as per ASTM – D695.
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VSP HDT Tester