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Universal Testing Machine

Universal Testing Machine

Universal Testing Machine to determine properties of tensile and elongation as per ASTM D – 638/ D 882, flexural as per ASTM D - 790 and compression as per ASTM D – 695 of unreinforced and reinforced plastics.

  • Load capacity : up to 1000 kg*.
  • No. of load cell : Two.
  • Cross Travel : up to 1000 mm*.
  • Horizontal day light : 450mm*.
  • Speed : Variable between 2mm/minute to 500mm/minute.
  • Paint : Powder coated.
  • Power : 230 Volts, 50Hz, single phase

Direct display and printout through microcontroller:

Numeric test report consisting values of Peak load, Break load, Elongation at peak load, Elongation at break load, Tensile strength at peak load, Tensile strength at break load, % elongation at peak load, % elongation at break load could be viewed on the micro controller and printout could be obtained by directly attaching a dot matrix printer to the equipment.

Graphic display and printout through PC:

In addition to the above reports, further values like Young’s modulus, Yield load, Yield stress, Flexural stress, Flexural modulus and Load Vs Elongation graph could be obtained by attaching a printer to the PC. Similarly average value and standard deviation could be obtained by merging different tests.

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